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Actually, everything was so beautifully imagined: the job, the partnership, a good apartment - and finally a child. But if the desire to have children is not fulfilled after one or two years at the latest, many couples perceive this as a stroke of fate. Every seventh couple in Germany feels like this: Their relationship has adjusted to starting a family and now nature refuses to contribute. How reproductive medicine helps the offspring today (e.g. by fertilizing an egg in a test tube) - that is the topic of this chapter.

Parent and child
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Alternative and complementary medicine

In order to heal and alleviate, people have used the forces of nature at all times. At the same time, ideas arose about how the body works, how diseases arise and how we can stay healthy. For all traditional healing systems, healing takes place not only on a physical level, but also on an emotional, social and spiritual level - procedures that we now call holistic. The scientific medicine that predominates in us cannot confirm some of the assumed effects of traditional methods. Nevertheless, conventional medicine has long since ceased to reject naturopathic treatments as flatly as it did 15 years ago. In the age of chronic and stress-related illnesses, it has been shown how valuable it can be to look at the whole person.
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Erkrankungen im Alter

Diseases and care in old age, palliative medicine

In old age, the gaze is increasingly directed back to the past: to the youth, one's own children, but also the upheavals and catastrophes that the 20th century did not spare any of today's older generation. And older people want nothing more than that the people who raised them and whose lives they have accompanied them from the start are by their side in the last years and months of their lives. Medical care cannot replace this personal care - but vice versa, relatives cannot do without professional support if dementia or another incurable disease has developed. This chapter provides all the information you need to understand this help and make optimal use of it.
(Image: Onoky Photography / veer)
(Bild: Onoky Photography/veer)
Diseases in old age
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